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Hi! My name is Evan Murray, and I am the founder of Aura Audio LLC. I am also a fifth-year student at the Georgia Institute of Technology, pursuing a Master of Science degree in Music Technology with research focused in Digital Signal Processing and Human Computer Interaction.

I've been a musician since the age of four, and I became interested in computer programming at the age of eleven.

I didn't discover Music Technology until my later high-school years before college.

However, finding this subject has given me many learning opportunities. Because of this, I am passionate about creating resources to help others learn too. Aura Audio is a place where I can make these resources available to everyone. I have also been collaborating with a other producers and musicians on various software projects. Part of my vision is to help them bring their own plug-in ideas to life and create the sounds they imagine. Through this process, everyone learns something new.

If you're a producer or musician with a software idea or technology project, Aura Audio can help. For example, you might have an idea for an audio plugin but don't have the technological skills to program it for every Digital Audio Workstation. We can collaborate and develop your audio plugin in LV2, VST3, Audio Unit, AUv3, or any other format you wish.

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Making a MIDI Drum Pad w/ AudioKit and Swift Playgrounds



This is my first audio plugin, designed to intensify your sound!

  • VST3--Coming Soon!
  • VST3--Coming Soon!
  • Audio Unit
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  • VST3--Coming Soon!
  • LV2--Coming Soon!
  • Audio Unit v3
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  • Android Audio Plugin (AAP)--Coming Soon!
  • Privacy

    When you use an app or audio plugin from Aura Audio, it may collect and store user preferences in a secure place on your disk. This is done to save user presets or settings saved by you. These settings are visible to you only, and they can be deleted at any time by uninstalling the app or plugin.

    In addition to storing user preferences, some apps may require a device input, such as the microphone. This input is only used while the app is running in order to provide an audio source to the app/plugin. If there is a requirement for the app or plugin to use the microphone, you will get a notification and have the option to deny access to the microphone if preferred. None of the audio input is saved or stored in separate databases.

    If you have any other questions or concerns about your privacy,

    please email or call (719) - 244 - 2376